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Church News and Events in brief

"All Services will be suspended"

To the Cedar Grove Family of the Chester, SC. community… With more qualms than I thought possible, with much prayer and extensive discussion, as well as an overwhelming desire to keep our flock safe, we have decided that church services and all activities for the next two weeks will be canceled. Gods expectations are that we remain holy and in the spirit of praise (wherever we are) whether we are in the earthly sanctuary or in the solitude of private worship. Please know that this was not an easy decision, but I feel it is a necessary one. Our concern stretches from the very young to the most senior of our congregation. We owe it to each other and to the ministry to stay safe and useable by the Almighty Father. We can only accomplish this goal by remaining steadfast to the current conditions and unmovable in and out of the church building. Stay tuned for any changes regarding the Mortgage Burning and Fellowship Hall dedication service (if there are any). At this moment, nothing has changed for this event. May God, who is able to do all things but fail, keep us in His unmatchable care. God Bless. Pastor Harris
To the Cedar Grove, Chester, SC family... There have been questions regarding our Sunday commitments (Regular Giving and Bless Up pledges) since there won’t be any services for two weeks. Below are the directions for your convenience. Blessings as we build God’s Kingdom One Soul at a Time. Here are the steps:
1. Go to Donations page by..,
2. Selecting Online Giving from menu above.
3. Fill in Tithes and Donations Form.
In the form you can select where you want your offering to go.
If you select other make sure you fill in the box what ministry.
4. Select Confirm.
5. You will be rerouted to Pay Pal or credit/debit card payment.
6. You will receive a email confirmation.
Instructions for mobile devices are similar

Seaching for a Church Home?

Stop by anytime during our Sunday services. experience the faith ,fellowship,singing,teaching and preaching.

The Cedargrove worship experience, where you are always welcome. Click below for a personal invitation from our Pastor.

In the need of Prayer

Todays world is full of ups and downs,and sometimes it seems like there are more downs then ups. Even in such times as these God wants to bless you and restore the hope and happiness that he has ordained for you. If you are troubled or just dont know where to turn then you have found the right place to start. let us pray for your deliverance now, then come to our next service and let us pray with you, in Jesus' name.

Prayer of Salvation

If you have heard the calling in your heart and you know you need to be redeemed from sin, and your life seems to be headed in the wrong direction then call on Jesus. Maybe you have tried and failed to correct the wrongs in your life, then call on Jesus. Or if you just know that you know that you need to come to the Lord,then asked him right now for his grace an mercy. Call on Jesus.

Ok, you have made the decision, now what do you do? Click the link and let us lead you though the prayer of salvation, and may God be with you in Jesus'name,forever.

Search the Scriptures

This is your bible resource and daily scripture source. click the link to start bible search.

Featured Videos

These videos are older clips recorded a number of years ago, and may be replaced at any time. For our new HD videos, goto to our youtube video page using the link below or the Media page , and Thank you for watching.

YouTube Church Videos

YouTube Videos

All services for Febuary are Ready! (2020) Videos

Community News

We will present news of interest to the community when we receive it.