Welcome to our website. Browse and learn about CedarGrove and our ministry for Christ. Please come by any of our services or contact us for more information.

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Church News and Events in brief

Check the Pastors Itenerary listing for upcoming speaking engagements.


yes, you can now view the entire Sunday service here on the main site and on the web app.The video is on the "Members Only" link from the "Events" menu and you will need the password to enter. If you have forgotten or never received the password, please visit the Media Ministry to gain access. Please do not post or give the password to non-members.

The Media Ministry will be working to provide greater exposure of the CedarGrove worship Experience, And to that purpose we present clips of our service by way of YouTube. New clips are added weekly and can now be viewed in the YouTube Video page, accessible from the youtube video button on the media page.

"Click here to goto youtube page"     "Visit our New Health & Spiritual help Center"    

Seaching for a Church Home?

Stop by anytime during our Sunday services. experience the faith ,fellowship,singing,teaching and preaching.

The Cedargrove worship experience, where you are always welcome. Click below for a personal invitation from our Pastor.

Search the Scriptures

This is your bible resource and daily scripture source. click the link to start bible search.

Featured Videos

These videos are older clips recorded a number of years ago, and may be replaced at any time. For our new HD videos, goto to our youtube video page using the link below or the Media page , and Thank you for watching.

All aboard!, the Glory Train. We present a skit of "The Glory Train, a train to Heaven by way of a few stops in hell" how is your ticket signed?.

We also present the annual building fund concert and a musical christmas program by the Cedargrove musical choir.

Glory train Building Fund Concertn A Musical Christmas

YouTube Church Videos

YouTube Videos

Community News

We will present news of interest to the community when we receive it.