About Us

Service times:  Sunday school-10am .. Sunday Service - 11am .. Wednesday night Bible service 6pm

Word on Wednesday Service:  Last wednesday night of each month at 7pm.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to introduce people to Jesus Christ, and to encourage the cultivation of a personal relationship with Him.

We are therefore committed to exalting the savior, Evangelizing the sinner and equipting the saints.

Vision Statement:

We are a Community Church, Building God's Kingdom one soul at a time.

Church History

The Cedar Grove Baptist Church was Founded and organized in September of 1885, under the guidance of the late Reverend M.P. Hall.  During that time, there was Gethsemane Baptist Church to the east, Black Rock Baptist Church to the South and Nazareth Baptist Church to the North.  The location of various churches placed the people in this area at a disadvantage in that they had to travel a long distance to attend service.  There was also dissatisfaction among some members of the various congregations.  Therefore, realizing the need for a church in this section of Chester County, Reverend Hall, with several members from the Gethsemane Baptist Church organized a new Church. Reverend Hall called in a council of ordained ministers, which included the late Reverends Newton, Howard, L. Featherstone, W.M. Chisholm and T.S. Gilmore.  These ministers placed their stamp of approval on the plans of Reverend Hall and the new church was underway. A brush arbor was built to represent the first Church.  Underneath the Arbor, a stand was built to serve as a pulpit and because of this the first church was called “The Baptist Stand”. However, the tremendous number of Cedar Trees growing about inspired the founders to change the name to “The Cedar Grove Baptist Providence Church” and later just “The Cedar Grove Baptist Church”.  Gethsemane is known as the mother church because Reverend Hall’s followers were from Gethsemane although Reverend Hall was from Blackrock.  Here at this site,

Reverend Hall and his devoted followers fathered, sang and prayed for God to send more laborers for the vineyards.  They met so long under the brush arbor until people began to ridicule them and started calling their site the “Old field of Ruin”.  However, the worshipers did not become discouraged because they felt they were where God wanted them to be.

The Church grew slowly for the first twenty years, being composed of less than 100 members.  The members who brought their letters had planned to return to their home church after the new church was established; but soon they developed an unfading love for the spot and decided to remain.  More members came to join the congregation and the church was on the rise. Finally, a small church, scarcely one-third the size of the present structure was erected.  The building had only one door; therefore, everyone had to enter the front.  The pulpit had one solid glass on the side about 24X36 inches.  It was said that the sisters kept this window so clean that the preachers sometimes spit on it, thinking they were spitting outdoors.  This

building was soon found to be inadequate in size and other conveniences and was enlarged under the pastorate of Reverend J.G. Colvin in 1905.  Soon after, Reverend C.H. Strong was elected Pastor.  The old church was torn down and a new structure was erected by one of our own members and famous church builder, brother G.T. White.  Only the bell tower was left from the old building.  Over the years, modern improvements and additions were made.  They are as follows:

•    The building was brick veneered under the Pastorate of Reverend C.H. Strong.

•    Sunday School rooms were added under the Pastorate of Reverend J.C. Honor in 1966.
•   Sanctuary was refurbished which included carpeting the floors, installing new seats and the addition of an inside baptismal pool in 1968 under the Pastorate of Reverend J.C. Honor.

•   The Woman’s Club of the church led in the remodeling of the old school building

for use as a fellowship hall in 1984 under the Pastorate of Reverend J.C. Honor.

Our Church was incorporated on July 30, 1906, when deacons W.H. Hall, W.M. Long; and Charlie Boyd went before the secretary of state to vow the institute would only be used for charitable purposes and received a charter.

The officers who contributed to the growth and development of our church have been numerous.  As stated, the founder and first pastor was Reverend M.P. Hall who led for three years.  Reverend T.W. Hall, brother of the founder, was the next pastor, who led for seven years; Reverend W.R. Williams pastured for three years; Reverend J.G. Colvin pastured five years.  Reverend Frank Hemphill and Reverend A.L. White each pastured for short periods of time.  Next to lead our congregation was Reverend C.H. Strong, who devoted his service for 44 years.  After the passing of Reverend Strong, Reverend J.C. Honor came to us in 1955 laboring in this vineyard for 33 years.  Due to the declining health of Reverend J.C. Honor, in 1988, God sent Reverend W.W. Thompson, who faithfully served for 19 years.  In 2009, under the new leadership of  Dr LeMar Foster, Jr.,  the church is continuing to grow both physically as well as spiritually with new ministries being added as we thrive forward, advancing the Kingdom of God.

Past Deacons who served in the guidance of the church have also been numerous.  W.M. Hall, brother of the founder, served for more that forty years.  W.M. Long returned to Gethsemane after a few years of service.  Others included: E.D. Reid, Charlie Boyd, Jim

White, John Archie, M.S.J. Knox, W.L. Eaves, J.L. McDonald, W.M. Moore, Frazier Eaves, C.S. McDonald, John Brown, Frank brown, Joe Howze, Ernest Hoyles, John Pickett, Oscar Jeter, Sesley Powell, Harold Robertson, Porter Baxter, Marion Moffatt, William Wherry, Odell Knox, Mansel Smalls and Ernest Gordon.  Some of the founding deacons came with letters from other churches.  They included John Young from New Zion Baptist Church, Z.R. Gaither and James Pickett from Weeping Mary Baptist Church and Richard Land from Baltimore, Maryland.

Our present rostrum of deacons are John Dickerson (Chairman), Harold Williams, Edward McCrorey, Robert Pickett, John Stevenson, Eddie Pickett, Ronald Wylie and Roger Brown.  The first members of the board of trustees were Gettys Foster, William Brown, James Hoyles, Odell Knox, Fred Knox, Robert Howze, and Henry Robertson.  Other members

included John Dickerson, Harold Williams, Robert Pickett, Ronald Wylie, Alfonso Wherry, David Peterson and John Stevenson.  Present trustees are Lawrence Wherry (Chairman), Michael Pickett, Jerone Bratton, Nikita Douglas, Dwight Bratton, Ed Parks and Ray Hemphill.

Church clerks included: W.M. Hall (served until 1906), J.H. Lewis (Served from 1906 until 1915), M.J. Knox (served until 1958), Robert Howze (served until 1977).  Gillie Brown served until 1999 and Constance Daniels served until 2009.  Jacqueline Patton is our current Church Secretary, and Nellie Hemphill is the recording clerk for the trustees.

Several of our members have been so inspired by the teaching and influence of our great leaders that they too have received the call to enter the field of ministry.  These are Reverend B.T. Colvin (Deceased), Reverend C.S. McDonald (deceased), Reverend J.H. Lewis (Deceased), Reverend W.B. Knox (Deceased), Reverend Charles Brown, Evangelist Georgette Boulware,

Minister Latonya Boyd, Minister Juanita Douglas, Minister Wendell Wylie, Evangelist Libby Cathcart, Minister DeMorrious Robinson, Minister Iris Dickerson, Minister Jamal Sanders, Evangelist Mary Beaty and Minister Clark Brown.

Under the guidance of our great leaders, our church membership has grown; we currently have more than 1500 names on the church roll.

Today, we give thanks that 125 years ago, our forefathers yielded themselves to the Holy Spirit’s command and built a church upon this place where they worshiped, where we now worship and where we hope our future generations shall continue to worship the most high God.

We also pause to give thanks that two of our own had the foresight to gather the information here in recorded from some of our first members and saved it so that we are able to become familiar with the history of The Cedar Grove Baptist Church.  These two members were the late Reverend C.S. McDonald, and late Reverend T.H. Lewis.  The update of our history was done by Sister Gillie Brown.

Humbly we thank God for the privilege of knowing from whence we came.  We have a strong knowledge of our past and with God’s help, we will not forget, but hold fast to the God of our fathers.